Ultra-Low Temperature COVID-19 Vaccine Freezer Project

Engineering Team Member

My current main project. A group of my fellow students and I have identified a need for ultra low temperature freezers for storage of COVID-19 vaccines. Currently, many remote communities do not have easy access to a vaccine distribution site; Most vaccines are being distributed to major population centers, leaving residents of more isolated areas with no easy access to vaccines. What smaller communities lack is the ability to store the vaccines at the required temperatures. The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine requires the vials be kept at -60 to -80 Celsius, and most everyday doctor’s offices do not have freezers capable of storage in this range.

Thus, my team and I developed a vision to not only deliver vaccines to remote communities, but also allow them the long term storage they would need as well. We are targeting a compact, portable freezer that can be easily transported from a population center to a smaller community. Once delivered to the community, and vaccines are distributed, the freezer can then be returned to the original distribution center. The freezer is then restocked and sent to another community.

We have created a preliminary design for a cascade refrigeration cycle capable of meeting our constraints. Our next step is to model, simulate, and optimize the system to ensure the best possible solution, and deliver the best possible design to our stakeholders.

Selleh Lake Restoration, LLC

Founding Member

Mechanical Engineering Team Member

  • Founded a project with a goal to clean a contaminated lake in a Tempe, Arizona neighborhood
  • Ran lab tests to identify strains of bacteria in the lake. Discovered excess cyanobacteria to be major pollutant
  • Designed a pump system to aerate the lake and get the stagnant pond moving
  • Presented project to a group of 100 students and industry engineers
  • Won an additional $1,000 for the project

Engineering Projects in Community Service – Ocean Plastics Project

Engineering Team Lead

  • Coorinated a small team of engineering students to create a device that clears plastic from the ocean
  • Created multiple conceptual designs and compared them using a decision matrix
  • Chose a design and built a CAD model and prototype
  • Presented final design to a group of 100 students and judges to compete for additional funding